News and Events: 2019


Genealogy Starts with YOU! 

A group of over 20 family history enthusiasts gathered at Hatboro’s Union Library Saturday morning March 16th for a program Genealogy Starts with YOU!  The program was offered jointly by The Millbrook Society and Union Library. 


The program was presented by Mary Porter, who is a Research Librarian at Indian Valley Library in Telford, and serves Millbrook as a Board Member and head of its Amy B. Yerkes Museum/Archives.   


In this two-hour program, Mary offered a framework to guide family genealogists interested in starting their research or just getting underway, and provided materials listing helpful data bases, planning worksheets, and other resources. 


Most people are aware of the most popular family history search sites such as, FamilySearch, MyHeritage, and the National Archives, but Mary identified a large sampling of fee-based and free websites and other resources from a vast number of places offering family history information and documentation. reported in 2017 that family history research is the second-most popular hobby in the United States, according to articles in TIME and USA TODAY.  “People want to know their personal history; they want to know where they came from!” Mary told the group. 


She said that verification is very important for those who truly want to certify the accuracy of their family history.  This requires peeling down the layers of data to connect the dots, or as Mary called it “a lot of detective work!” 


Mary, sharing the process and findings of her own extensive and ongoing family history, showed examples of her encounter in the ‘data abyss’ such as misspelled and evolving surnames, incomplete or incorrect vital documents, different cities and countries of origin, and much more, as well as uncovering very interesting revelations!      


People who embark on the path of unlocking their family history are in for a fun, interesting and amazing journey!  And, like any journey, a person can choose the path and travel on it as far as they want or are able.  There are many people and resources, online and in person, that are eager and happy to help.  The Union Library, for example, offers both online and written resources, and The Millbrook Society can offer information related to local history sources. 


Millbrook and Union Library are planning a second program for this October…stay tuned for announcements!  Good luck with your search!